Data Services

The Data Group is a Melbourne based business offering a comprehensive range of data services. We specialise in data analysis, data cleansing, data mining, data scraping and data warehouses.

Our goal is to help you extract value from your data in the form of pragmatic insights, trends and relationships. And then to analyse, interpret and use these findings in innovative ways that empower you to manage your organisation for greater profit, with improved decision-making and enhanced strategic, tactical and operational insight.

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Your Benefits

Our core speciality is solving business problems that require complex data analysis, cleansing, mining or modelling techniques. Your benefits include:

  • Fast ROI: Quick access to skilled data professionals, without the overhead of building and maintaining your own infrastructure and team. Our fees are typically small in contrast to the additional profits or savings that our projects generate for our clients.
  • Innovative practical solutions: We find smart ways to extract useful information from incomplete and disorganised data. We also have extensive industry experience AND the quantitative rigour to generate innovative yet pragmatic value-adding solutions.
  • Connected to major universities. We have relationships with leading practitioners at major universities and business schools within Australia. This provides us with ready access to extensive expertise and the latest developments. We have never turned down a project due to it being too complex.
  • Always confidential and discreet.

Contact Us

If you have data and a question, challenge or opportunity, we can help. We’ve been around since 2005 and worked on a diverse range of projects. Call us for a friendly discussion on 1300 788 662 or submit the contact us form.