This dashboard-style report offers rapid comparison of project labour hours/spend at the different overtime rates, labour hours/spend by Project, cumulated leave liability and attrition rates. Enables better management of overtime work, staff headcount and wellbeing through managing leave liability. Attrition rates and difference in tenures highlight corporate health/hygiene issues. Typical filters and drill down apply […]

Labour Analysis - Spend and Head Count Report

Provides month and year-to-date labour spend and head count data (columns), allocated by Cost Centre (rows). Includes permanent and non-permanent employees. Actual, Budget and Variance data quickly highlights those areas that require managerial attention. The report can be filtered by month, budget comparison figures, and company structure (e.g. by company, plant, division, profit centre, department, […]

Profit & Loss by GL Code

Provides 12 months of P&L data for the selected financial year (columns), allocated to the general ledger structure (rows). This report is used to display Actual, Budget or combined Actual and Budget data for forecasting purposes. This report can be tailored to report on specific P&L subsections (e.g. OPEX and Direct Opex) and can be […]

Profit & Loss Report - By Company Structure

Provides 12 months of P&L data (columns) for the selected financial year, allocated to a company hierarchical structure (rows). Profit and Cost Centres are repositioned to above or below the Contribution Margin line to provide an accurate representation of the true Contribution Margin, Margin After Recoveries and Operational Expenditure. This report is used to display […]

Customer Risk Assessment Report

Customer credit risk is accessed with visual clues being provided with stoplights and cell highlights. Value-at-risk calculations highlight the probable credit default value and its quantum is expressed as a percentage of sales and profit. (EG. a VAR to Profit Ratio of 2%, implies that you are 95% confident that your company will lose 2% […]

Executive Sales Report

This is an example of a dashboard style report, which provides a holistic overview of sales performance. It shows quarterly year-on-year actual vs. budget sales, broken down by region and customer type. Top 10 customers and products are also included providing opportunities for targeted campaigns. Drill down is included on the customers and products, to […]

Labour Management Dashboard

Labour is integral to all organisations and its performance has a significant impact on the bottom line. Empower executives and managers to monitor the ‘health and happiness’ of your employees through the following KPIs. The dashboard can be filtered by company, date and budget comparison version, with drill down providing further detail.

Real Time Orders, Inventory & Shipping Dashboard

Combined real time and monthly KPIs with coloured indicators, provide thorough end-to-end logistics visibility. Managers are empowered to act on information to meet budgets, whilst increasing customer satisfaction through greater reliability. More accurate / predictable inventory levels allow for reduced holdings and cycle times, and thus improve your company’s return on assets. The dashboard can […]

BI Reports - Call Centre Real Time Dashboard

Real time tracking of these 12 key sales/calls indicators result in improved customer satisfaction, improved service adherence and increased productivity by empowering managers to act on instantaneous information. Problems can be addressed as they occur and managers can reallocate staff to functions that improve efficiency and in response to areas of demand. The dashboard can […]

BI Reports - Sales Dashboard

Displays 16 key sales performance indicators which empower sales managers to better meet their targets by quickly identifying issues through graphical and coloured indicators. Other reporting benefits include: Monitoring the discounts levels used to achieve sales (which have a direct impact on profitability) Clarity into which products are performing and thus what to push Your […]